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Shallow update
lueleni wrote in zuck_fans

This is just a shallow update, 'cause lately nothing in particular happened. .

After weeks and weeks of neglecting their OHP/blogs/everything, the boys are finally comin' back to life again it seems !

It was kind of an inofficial hiatus in my opinion (approximately 2 months ago Yuu said something about takin' a break)
but this was a rather long break, huh ? I was really worried about their activities.

Unfortunately, they didn't announce a new release, still they had rehearsals some time ago.

Currently the schedule includes just a multi band live on 26/12 but mainly instore events for the T-Shirt collab with SUPER LOVERS.
Concerning these events, it was announced in both of their blogs that TSUKASA has caught the flu
and therefore is unable to attend them. He is really sorry about that and will hopefully recover soon. Get well, Tsu ! ☆

And last but not least 2 video suggestions.

1) For everyone who didn't see it yet, it's an interview with TSUKASA from VISULOG.
starts at about 0:26:00 ~

2) Anyone who misses Taiga ? Well, there's a NicoNico broadcast that features him on Sunday !
Be sure to timeshift.

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thanks a lot for making this update <3 I've also been wondering about their activities. Good to know they're doing quite well

Zuck will disband on march 20th :(

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