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lueleni wrote in zuck_fans
With my heart and soul I refuse to update this, but I have to.

ZUCK is going to disband right after their ONEMAN live "0" held at Shibuya O-EAST on March 20th.
Both Yuu and Tsukasa will retire from the music scene.

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I'm so sad hear that (;_;)

Huh? Now it's both of them?! O_O

News of their disbandment was enough to break my heart but all this confusion over who's quitting music altogether and false hope it gives birth to is really disturbing. I really wish someone could clear up the situation (and reassure me that Yuu will keep on making music ._.)

s0raru on tumblr translated Yuu's official message from the OHP and beside a lot of other things he wrote:

"The “0” one man performance at Shibuya O-EAST on 3/20.
It will be the last stage of my life for me.
After this date I will no longer stand on stage again.
I will no longer sing.
Everything will be back to “0” again."

and verwelktesgedicht on tumblr posted the main point of Tsukasa's message:
"I like music and even if it will become (only) a hobby, I won’t stop playing the guitar."

So it's obviously Yuu retiring, Tsukasa seems to quit too, but at least there's a little bit of hope that he might take place in a band someday again.

oh, dear... thanks a lot for clearing this whole situation, even if I refuse to accept it. The 20th of March, one week after their birthdays...

Yuu's decision can also be changed in the future. I mean, thanks God he doesn't have any serious health problem, it's more to do with his spirits. There still might be something to change his mind, I want to believe that at least.

But oh well, this still sucks immensely

that's sad. even sadder that they're retiring from the music scene. ><; thanks for sharing the news.

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